Sep 11th, 2011
Aug 23rd, 2011
Now this is great genius language. 


From a very olde Real Simple Magazine.
(artist Monica Sheehan)
Aug 21st, 2011
When we talk about creating new realities at work, a popular example people come up with is bottled water. Who would’ve thought to make money off of bottling tap water? As I watched “Cupcake Wars” today I realized the cupcake bakery is a completely new concept in my lifetime. The thought that a cupcake costs $3.50 - 5.00 and comes in hundreds of flavors is breakthrough. And we can thank entrepreneur, Candace Nelson, for that. I’m not sure those elementary school from-the-mix cupcakes will make the cut by the time I have children.
Aug 21st, 2011
Aug 8th, 2011
If you’re under 30 and contributing to a 401(k), you should love days like this.

(Source: moneyisnotimportant)

Jul 26th, 2011
I LOVE THIS. If you can say anything at all, why not be saying yes all the time? If you don’t try something, you never know if it’s going to be great.


Say YES! to new things and people.
The more you open your eyes, heart and mind and the more you share your work and step outside to explore the more opportunities will come your way.

This just might be my favorite piece by workisnotajob!
Jul 22nd, 2011


The rise of the iPad became that much more interesting this week as sales numbers from Apple’s quarterly earnings poured in.There’s been plenty of clear and concise analysis done over the last few days, so I will stay way from that.

But, I do want to highlight one theme we’ve touched on here…

Jul 22nd, 2011

This fits so well into Gap International’s reality-possibility matrix. They were high in reality, and as their reality shrunk and newer forms of media competed with them in their market, they tried and tried to get back to high reality. However, they stuck to the same models; they stuck to what they knew. They never thought outside of their automatic principles and strategies.

Thinking outside of your automatic state is necessary when you’re in crisis mode. And this story proves that.

Jul 21st, 2011
I have a degree in the humanities (linguistics) and I job I love and I can afford to pay my rent. Hm… maybe this whole humanities majors don’t make money is just a mold to break out of. 
Jul 19th, 2011